How we became the most trusted name in digital assets

Talos founders, Anton Katz and Ethan Feldman, both had decades of experience building institutional-grade trading systems before founding Talos in 2018. Their vision was to build one integrated platform that supports the end-to-end trading process and allows everyone in the crypto ecosystem to interact efficiently and confidently.


Talos founders, Anton Katz and Ethan Feldman, decide to set up their own crypto hedge fund and discover something interesting as they investigate the building blocks needed: nearly all infrastructure and tooling in the digital assets market was built for retail. What’s more, liquidity was highly fragmented, connectivity standards were lacking, and the concept of algorithmic best execution was non-existent.


Talos was born. Realizing that their unique expertise would be better spent on building the ultimate institutional trading platform for digital assets than setting up their own crypto hedge fund, Anton and Ethan created Talos. Their vision was to build an intuitive system from the ground up, leveraging the latest technology and harnessing the power of blockchains to push the boundaries of capital markets. It would enable access to the entire digital asset ecosystem via a single entrypoint.


Within a year of its inception, Talos made its debut trade in August and also expanded its workforce by hiring personnel both domestically in the US and abroad. Talos now had 10 connected partners within its ecosystem.


In 2020, Talos won its first client, NYDIG, and 6 months later secured its first international client, Enigma UK. In November of 2020, some 16 months after launching, Talos reached the threshold of processing $1 billion of trade volume. That same year, the company went through a venture capital round of funding.


As the number of partners connected through Talos surged to over 25, the company experienced swift growth, leading to a codebase exceeding one million lines of code and over $10 billion in trade volume being processed by April. In May 2021, Talos completed a Series A funding round, raising over $40 million to bolster its current trajectory. In December of the same year, the company further expanded its reach by opening its first international office in Singapore.


In January 2022, Talos rolled out its White Label solution, which enabled brokerages to customize the Talos platform with their own branding. In May of 2022 the company achieved a unicorn valuation of over $1 billion, following a Series B funding round that generated $105 million. With over 100 clients, 100 employees, and 40 partners, and having processed more than $100 billion in trade volume, Talos further expanded its global presence by opening offices in London and Cyprus, bringing the total number of offices to four.


Today, Talos is the largest provider of digital asset trading infrastructure on the planet, enabling institutions to transact together safely and efficiently. Billions of USD notional is traded through our pipes and we’re trusted by hundreds of buy-side and sell-side firms across the globe.

Our Investors

Talos is backed by some of the world’s most sophisticated digital asset investors

With their support, Talos is breaking new ground in the digital asset trading world. These foundations have enabled the business to develop a platform that performs at the level required by the most sophisticated firms.

Our Investors: Arianna Simpson

" The Talos team has built trading infrastructure for many of the world’s largest banks and asset managers, and they’re now doing just that for the institutional investors getting more heavily involved in crypto. "

Brett Gibson
General Partner, Initialized Capital

“ Talos is quietly playing a huge role in the institutional mainstreaming of cryptoassets by delivering a solution that brings new levels of efficiency, transparency and risk mitigation to the asset class. ”

Matt Walsh
Founding Partner, Caste Island Ventures

“ Talos's platform provides the same levels of stability, performance and security as the leading equities and fixed income trading systems, yet is extremely intuitive and easy to use. ”

Brian Kelly
Founder & CEO, BKCM

“ There is a growing need for trusted infrastructure to seamlessly connect the digital asset ecosystem. Talos provides the critical market structure support and enables institutions to reliably interact within this exciting new asset class. ”

Peter Sanborn
Managing Partner, PayPal Ventures

“ The company best suited to drive institutional adoption of digital assets is one that understands traditional capital markets deeply and is forward-thinking enough to fully grasp the promise of crypto. Talos is that company. ”

Arianna Simpson
Investment Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

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