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White Label

A brokerage in a box*, built to meet your customers’ needs

White Label screen

Note: For DeepDive Advanced Charting, Talos uses technology provided by TradingView, a charting platform offering interactive and customizable views, as well as advanced technical analysis tools. Learn more about TradingView.


Provide the same white-glove service to your customers that Talos provides to you

By using Talos you’ll receive safe, secure, reliable, high-touch service which will enable you to provide the same to your customers. Access 24/7 support from experienced staff with inside-out knowledge of the Talos platform and institutional trading workflows.


A low-latency, high-throughput trading platform supported by world-class infrastructure


Maintain customer balances and trading activity through internal ledgering capabilities


Get instant connectivity to your liquidity providers through the Talos platform


Manage staged client order flow manually or auto- matically; leverage the market’s most sophisticated block trading and hedging tools


Identify mismatches and missing deltas, while maintaining recon statuses across all trades with LPs


Versatile dealer pricing engine to configure spreads on a per client, per instrument basis


Price FX-crypto synthetic crosses in local currencies via configurable aggregations


Easily analyze trading costs relative to a range of benchmarks

Key Features

White-label UI & APIs

Customize the white-label user interface to match the look and feel of your business’s existing product offering

Connect directly to preferred prime brokers, lenders, custodians, exchanges, OTC desks, and more

Provide direct websocket and FIX API execution to your customers

Customer pricing engine

Set customizable spreads and skew prices, and make leniency adjustments during periods of market volatility to remain competitive

Create spreads for the customer and symbol level based on customer risk profile


Act in a fully riskless principal fashion, ensuring all trades are hedged prior to being booked with your customer

Set hedging rules by symbol and client

Easily add/remove liquidity providers from hedging flows

Transaction ledger

Give customers easy access to reporting by time period

Let customers export trades to CSV through the GUI or pull trade history over API without needing to contact your account teams

Easily monitor and reconcile customer balances with internal ledgering support that tracks customers' trading activity

Note: For DeepDive Advanced Charting, Talos uses technology provided by TradingView, a charting platform offering interactive and customizable views, as well as advanced technical analysis tools. Learn more about TradingView.

Other Features



Interact with clients over streaming FIX or Websocket APIs, or a customized GUI. Hedge orders across the full network of Talos liquidity providers.



Provide access to configurable sets of liquidity with custom pricing rules. Expand or limit client access to any connected OTCs or exchanges.

Best Execution


Provide best-in-class execution backed by the Talos Smart Order Router.

Customizable UI & APIs


Skin to match the look and feel of your organization with Talos’ flexible UI view. Customize and theme the white-label user interface to match an existing product offering.

Synthetic Crosses


Tighter spreads and direct access to both FX and crypto liquidity. Creating operational and trading efficiencies when moving from asset to asset. Streamline the management of FX and crypto exposure.

Customer Balance Management


Manage customer balances within Talos by leveraging the Talos internal ledger to account for customer deposits and withdrawals, while Talos tracks trading activity and encumbers balances on customer open orders.

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Request a demo with one of our product experts and learn how Talos can help you connect to the digital assets ecosystem, seamlessly and securely.

" Talos's ability to streamline liquidity connectivity in the digital asset ecosystem has proven itself to be world-class. Talos enables our institutional counterparties to connect to liquidity in a timely and efficient manner, and they have become a key component of the market's trading infrastructure. "

Chris Zuehlke
Global Head of Cumberland and DRW Partner

“ Talos’s institutional-grade solutions create a secure and reliable infrastructure that allows us to execute trades seamlessly. Their team consistently provides professional support and delivers high-quality features. By applying traditional finance standards, they reduce the barriers for institutions entering the digital asset space. ”

Mostafa Al-Mashita
Co-founder, Director, Sales & Trading at Secure Digital Markets

“ Talos has done a terrific job of understanding the complexity of cryptocurrency markets and building solutions that meet the needs of institutional traders. They listen to their clients, reliably roll out products, and are committed to security. We believe Talos is a top-tier service provider in the space. ”

Peter Wisniewski
Managing Partner at Europa Partners

“ With Talos's suite of products, and connectivity to the market, we can easily access a wide range of digital assets. Their technology is designed to scale seamlessly and has allowed us to improve our trading capabilities and offering to our end-customers. They've become essential to how we interact with digital assets. ”

Bob Wallden
Head of Institutional Asset Management at Abra

“ Talos has recognised the need for strong infrastructure in the cryptocurrency industry and has positioned itself to become a fundamental keystone of the industry. With their deep industry knowledge and dedication to advancing the field, Talos is poised to play a major role in the institutional mainstreaming of crypto assets. ”

Bee Weck
COO at Caleb & Brown

“ Talos interface is second to none, with 24/7 support and a range of products and services that covers all of our operating needs. Having our clients connect to our product offering via Talos also allows us to grow our business further. ”

Hans-Stefan von Hänisch
Head of Sales Trading Singapore, OSL

“ Talos has been an integral part of our trade execution workflow, enabling reliable algorithms that ensure cost-efficient order fills across a variety of exchanges and instruments. ”

Shane A.
Portfolio Manager, Arc Capital

“ For our sell-side brokerage business, Talos has been a key partner to help us scale our digital asset trading capabilities for our end-clients whilst ensuring we maintain the requisite institutional controls, governance and risk management standards. ”

Kevin Lee Coll

“ By partnering with Talos, we're set to offer unparalleled liquidity, reliability, and robustness to the global institutional trading community.”

Graham Rodford
CEO and Co-Founder of Archax

Talos provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost efficient connectivity solution for all size crypto trading firms. Talos stands out amongst a crowded field of service providers. The seamless service and the professional support make it an obvious choice. I wonder why any firm doesn't use Talos as a primary solution.

Joe Haggenmiller
CEO and Founder of Prometheus Trading Ltd.