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Lending Marketplace

Unlock transparency and scalability with Talos's lending marketplace

For institutional investors interacting in the digital assets ecosystem, the Talos Lending Marketplace is a destination that provides price discovery and straight-through workflows, while broadening the reach of borrowers and lenders.


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Talos Lending Marketplace solution UI

Features & Benefits

Price discovery, straight-through processing, and broader reach

Without the cumbersome workflows and barriers to growth in the current lending landscape, the Talos Lending Marketplace unlocks transparency and scalability for institutional investors who lend and borrow digital assets.

Broader Discovery

With borrower-initiated loan RFQ, manage multiple bilateral negotiations supported by structured data and made easy by in-platform communications. 


Automated term sheet completion integrates DocuSign signature workflows and status reporting.


Integrate with your organization’s custodian or custody tech provider to initiate the exchange of principal and collateral.


Loanbook management include servicing functionality, such as principal and interest invoicing, transfers and reconciliation.


Track lending analytics including asset and counterparty exposure, and loan performance measurements.

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