Enhance Trading Efficiency with Talos

Talos offers seamless trading and risk management with advanced algorithms and TCA tools. Streamline access to 40+ crypto exchanges and OTC desks through one interface.


Talos empowers institutions at every stage of the trade

Founded by the engineers who developed many of the institutional trading systems used for traditional assets, Talos has built a suite of sophisticated trading tools with an expansive network of service providers specifically for institutions to trade digital assets.

Key Features

  • Pre-trade
    • Broad connectivity. Talos’s extensive digital asset provider network includes integrations with over 40 of the world’s leading trading venues, providing you with connectivity to most of the liquidity in the market
    • Liquidity aggregation. Liquidity can be aggregated into a single order book for price discovery and advanced execution
  • Trade
    • Advanced trading tools. Talos’s advanced algorithms and smart order routing technology enable you to dynamically manage order placement in response to market conditions to minimize market impact and help achieve best execution
    • Real-time TCA. Intra-trade transaction cost analysis allows you to monitor performance in real time 
    • 24/7 global support. We’re available to help you address any issues promptly
  • Post-trade
    • Post-trade reporting can help you meet your institution's regulatory requirements
    • Post-trade analytics, including TCA, help you assess your trading performance as well as the performance of your liquidity sources
    • Portfolio management. Talos gives PMs and Traders a holistic view of their positions, balances, and risk across strategies. 

DISCLAIMER: Talos Global, Inc. and its affiliates (“Talos”) offer software-as-a-service products that provide connectivity tools for institutional clients. Talos does not provide clients with any pre-negotiated arrangements with liquidity providers or other parties. Clients are required to independently negotiate arrangements with liquidity providers and other parties bilaterally. Talos is not party to any of these arrangements. Services and venues may not be available in all jurisdictions. For information about which services are available in your jurisdiction, please reach out to your sales representative.

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